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Paiste PST7 Cymbal Pack - w/ Bonus Crash
Paiste PST7 Cymbal Pack - w/ Bonus Crash

Paiste PST7 Cymbal Pack - w/ Bonus Crash

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Paiste PST7 Pack


Paiste PST7 Bronze Universal Cymbal Pack 14/16/20 + Bonus 18" Crash Cymbal

Paiste Sound Technology (PST) stands for first-class manufactured cymbals and high-quality sound design at an affordable price. PST7 adds an affordable line for drummers who like a traditional sound, look and feel. PST7's base is CuSn8 bronze which stems from the legendary 2002 series.

The cymbals are lathed by our Swiss hand craftsmen to achieve their distinctive traditional look and finish. The result of Paiste's precise Swiss manufacturing is a warm and clear overall sound and by offering three weight classes, light/thin, medium and heavy, PST7 covers a wide range of different music styles. 


Paiste PST7 14'' Hi Hat

Bright, warm and clear Hi-Hats with a defined chick sound. They are extremely versatile and suitable for all styles of music.



Paiste PST7 16'' Crash

A responsive crash cymbal with a brilliant sparkle. The 16'' Crash provides a bright, warm sound that cuts through the mix with a short-mid sustain. This is a very versatile crash cymbal and is ideal for all styles.


Paiste PST7 18'' Crash

An incredibly fast attack and long sustain will cut through your mix with its brilliantly bright and warm sounds.


Paiste PST7 20'' Ride

Bright and warm Ride cymbal with a responsive feel and clean wash sound. It features a clear and strong sounding bell tone which also provides clean stick definition.



  • PST7 Series
  • Bright, clear and thin sounds
  • Precise attack
  • CuSn8 Bronze (2002 Bronze)



  • Paiste PST7 14'' Hi Hat
  • Paiste PST7 16'' Crash
  • Paiste PST7 18'' Crash
  • Paiste PST7 20'' Ride