Dazatronyx Germanium Amplifier +
Dazatronyx Germanium Amplifier +

Dazatronyx Germanium Amplifier +

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The Germanium Amplifier+ is a vintage voiced boost that can smash your amplifier hard in the face. It can be used for volume boost and shaping, or for additional drive pushing a gain stage.

The Germanium Amplifier+ is constructed with a 'tin can' PNP germanium transistor. The germanium transistor has a rich history in musical effects for its round and life-like sounding properties. Germanium transistors were used before the introduction of silicon and have become increasingly difficult to find in acceptable condition with low leakage and suitable gain. I have been collecting germanium transistors in bulk supplies since I was in high school.

Each transistor is selected for over-all excellence and will always have its own sound. Each circuit is individually biased and tailored to suit the characters of the transistor. The circuit squeezed maximum use out of the transistor and runs with a little bit of its round break up.

A silicon selection switch has been added to the Germanium Amplifier+. Silicon can be used for less background noise and a sharper clipping.

Please note: This is not a circuit for the hifi junkies! The output is setup hot and dirty and has its own levels of distortion and grit. Noise levels on germanium were far from perfect, and they all flavour with their own voicing. This would be a booster best appreciated by fuzz players.

If you are after a modern boost with a more precise output then please consider the Fetish Booster.

*Photograph of internals is for a guide of construction quality only. Parts and techniques used may vary slightly with availability. Transistor selections vary often.



  • Class A, PNP germanium transistor.
  • Frequency selection switch (mid, bright, full cream).
  • Fast action 3PDT true bypass foot switch.
  • High visibility 10mm status lamp.
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Polypropylene tone-shape capacitors.
  • DC input socket.
  • Individually biased.
  • Extra thick, Hammond aluminium enclosure.
  • Highest quality components and construction.
  • Five year warranty + manual.