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Laney 35 Watt Guitar Amplifier w/Reverb
Laney 35 Watt Guitar Amplifier w/Reverb

Laney 35 Watt Guitar Amplifier w/Reverb

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Laney LG35R


The LG35R is a 35 watt guitar combo. The LG35R takes its tonal cues from its bigger tube brothers. The CLEAN channel chimes away nicely and takes on a pleasant bite at higher volumes. Switch to the DRIVE channel, set the drive and the master controls as desired, and the LG range will yield a range of tones, from just breaking up to saturated sustain, with an increasing degree of crunch and raunch in between.


On both channels the three band tone controls contribute a subtle degree of shaping rather than creating extremes and the LG35R comes equipped with REVERB. The L35R’s Aux input socket makes jamming and learning new songs a blast and the on board reverb provides a nice natural splash of colour to your overall sound.


The DRIVE channel also features a radical scoop switch for that classic British gain tone.


The LG35R can gives out a good volume when cranked up, so could easily be at home in rehearsal rooms as well as domestic settings.


The LG35R is loaded with a 1 x 10” custom-designed speaker housed in a sturdy open back cabinet and finished in a black basket weave Tolex with solid black plastic corners – ideal for the bedroom practice and great for recording.