Laney Lionheart LT212 Speaker Box
Laney Lionheart LT212 Speaker Box

Laney Lionheart LT212 Speaker Box

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The LT212 - a 212 extension cabinet specifically designed to be used with any Lionheart heads and loaded with 2 x Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary 12" speakers.

Lionheart, uniquely responsive boutique British Single-Ended Class ‘A’ tube tone.
Play through a Lionheart – it reacts to your touch.  From the moment you strike a note you’re connected.  Let the music flow through you – from your fingers to the guitar, through the amplifier to the beating heart of the speaker. You are one. You are Lionheart.


Designed and engineered with pride in Great Britain to compliment the Lionheart L20H, the LT212 is a 2 × 12” enclosure is built using hand selected material and tried and tested production techniques.


THE LT212 houses two Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary drivers picked specially to match the Lionheart amplifiers’ wide tonal output.


The LT212 delivers copious amounts of beautiful Lionheart tone from a portable compact cabinet with Laney side/top comfort handles and is protected by an embroidered Lionheart slip cover.


Solidly built and finished in the striking blue and cream livery of the Lionheart range the LT212 comes with a TILT mechanism and whilst designed to compliment the L20H but it can also be used with any Laney Lionheart amp.