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Laney Mini Dual Amplifier Footswitch

Laney Mini Dual Amplifier Footswitch

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Laney FS2-MINI

The FS1 Mini is probably the smallest footstwitch for amplifiers that you'll find which is all important for pedalboard real estate.  While it replaces the older, bigger Laney FS1 footswitch, it can be used with almost any brand of amplifier that uses a standard 1/4" jack for channel switching, reverb etc. 

The footswitch features an LED status indicator (powered by 9V centre negative power) so you no longer need to guess whether you pressed it or not! It comes with a sheet of stickers to suit your intended use - for example 'Channel', 'Reverb', 'Clean', 'Boost', 'Lead', 'Effect' etc.