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Snareweight #4 Chrome w/Pro Lock
Snareweight #4 Chrome w/Pro Lock
Snareweight #4 Chrome w/Pro Lock

Snareweight #4 Chrome w/Pro Lock

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  • Snareweight #4 is the fourth generation built for metal triple flange hoops.
  • It's made to last of a weighted solid 3/4lbs. chunk of chrome.
  • The weight, friction and magnet, all work together to create what we call "expressive dampening"- giving color options to your playing all the way through the dynamic range.
  • The neodymium arched magnet secures the Snareweight to the hoop while at the same time securing the insert of your choice for your dampening digs.
  • Snareweight #4 is the only body you will ever need. Slide the #4 around the rim with one hand while hitting the drum with the other until you find the sweet spot.

Instead of changing your head, think about simply changing the type of leather insert that sits on top of the head inside the Snareweight for a fast and effective tone change.

The other feature that is sweet about Snareweight is that it adds mass to your drum head which helps to evenly smooth the lower-mid ringing frequencies that can't be reached with other methods. The high frequency unwanted ring is shaped by the chosen insert.  Keeping all the frequencies present and level across the board will bring out the true tone of your drum shell for a smoother and richer sound.

From an engineering stand point with the weight (two thirds of a pound) of a Snareweight , you get about 2-3 db of compression from your drum, which helps reel it in for recording levels and sitting in the mix. The lighter the Snareweight, the less compression.  The center sweet spot of your drum is also wider and more forgiving.   Lastly, your rim shots will FEEL great and you will notice improved clarity playing anywhere on the head...no dull spots.     *** It's not really muffling...it's opening   :) 

Pro Lock Chrome (limited run)

(Needed for Die-Cast hoops)

The Pro-Lock is used to secure the Snareweight #4 or JR Snareweight to die-cast hoops. Pro-lock incorporates an arched magnet to attract to the magnet of the Snareweight through the die-cast hoop. It has a slot that Snareweight drops into, then creates a floating lock to secure damper.

-- yes the pro lock chrome are interchangeable with all brass

“Snareweight #4” with a “Pro Lock” is as good as it gets for dampening and road worthy durability. Because of the lock between the two magnets, with even the hardest drum hit, it will reset itself and fall back into place with perfect contact/balance to the head- making it impossible to unhinge itself from the hoop unlike other hardware methods. Lastly after more engineering and many more hours of testing - we have incorporated a couple of side isolation sorbothane dampers for less jitter when used on toms.