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UFIP Tiger Series Cymbal Pack (14"Hats, 16"Crash, 20"Ride)

UFIP Tiger Series Cymbal Pack (14"Hats, 16"Crash, 20"Ride)

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*Includes Cymbal Bag - limited time only!!

The Tiger Series are pressed cymbals, which are given the same level of attention, care and hand hammering that we use in the production of our Professional Rotocast series resulting in a high quality mid range product. The Tiger Series are produced using a special surface treatment, giving them their unique look and a sound that is explosive, powerful and rapid in response, proving them to be ideal for Rock, Metal and Punk genres.


Main Features

Production: Special hardening Procedure, completely hand hammered, finished by hand.

Alloy: Sheet Bronze Cusn 8.

Level: Semi Professional, Intermediate.

Applications: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock.

Sound: Explosive, Powerful, Quick Response with lasting Sustain.


The origins of UFIP date back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Today UFIP is a small dynamic company, producing instruments to satisfy the needs of both amateur and professional drummers alike – instruments of a superlative quality. “Rotocasting”® is what makes UFIP cymbals different from all the rest. While every other cymbal present on the market is the result of a process of rolling and subsequent pressing, UFIP professional line cymbals are obtained through a procedure of centrifuge-casting. This process ensures the removal of all the impurities present in the alloy bronze, granting at the same time a greater thickness of the bell compared to those cymbals obtained by simple pressing. This allows for the best propagation of sound waves along the cymbal surface, ensuring an unmatched sound output. Fine examples of superior craftsmanship in both structure and sound, UFIP Rotocast® cymbals are made using only the finest B20 Bell Bronze. No other alloy offers such purity of sound or wide dynamic range. A UFIP cymbal is a truly unique instrument, incomparable in today’s modern market. From casting to tempering, hammering to finishing, every process is completed by hand, with machinery only ever used to support the skills of dedicated craftsmen, resulting in an instrument that is as individual as you. For your next cymbal, don’t choose by name...trust your ears.